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Fiction BMX Steel Peg 2 Pieces

BMX / Dirt Bikes | Product code: S808 | ID: 388834

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Fiction BMX Steel Peg 2 Pieces



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Fiction BMX Steel Peg 2 Pieces

Step-up your game and peg-up your bike!

The Steel Freestyle BMX Pegs by Fiction are made from solid Chromoly steel and come in sets of either 2 pieces or 4 pieces.

Should I go for 2x or 4x pegs?

It's a matter of personal preference and riding style.

Most park riders only have 2x pegs - 1x on the front wheel and 1x on the rear wheel. This allows a bunch of tricks, like double peg stalls and grinds on one side (preferably non-driver side). By rocking just 2x pegs, you can save a bit of weight and won't have any issues with hitting your foot inconveniently on the peg

Most street riders go for a full 4x peg setup because they do a lot of grinding. 4x pegs allow you to grind on both sides, which opens up a whole new world of grind-lines to explore. Also, go with 4x pegs if you want to try out some flatland tricks.

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