Killer of silent boredom
Portable all-in-one speaker JBL GO with crist sound for free with every purchase over 250€. Promo is live only until 12th February 2019.
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JBL GO - small box with big sound
Amazing sound in compact form
Its weight is only 130 g, measures 6 x 8 x 3 cm, but its sound is amazing with up to 10 m radius for Bluetooth.
Music streaming from your phone or tablet
Works with Bluetooth, but you can also use it in wired mode using 3,5 mm jack.
5 hours of music on a single charge
Powered by a rechargeable battery that can go for 5 hours needing only 1,5 hour of charge time.
Get yourself a JBL GO for free
We will add this fantastic speaker into every purchase over 250€ until 12th February 2019. Choose the perfect JBL GO for you in one of eight shiny colors.
How to get yours?

Add products over 250€ into your cart.

Once inside the cart, put the color code of your preferred JBL (for example "GOyellow") in the coupon field.
code: GOyellow
code: GOorange
code: GOred
code: GOblue
code: GOgrey
code: GOblack
code: GOteal

We will add the JBL to your purchase.
Buy and get JBL GO  
If you decide to withdraw from the contract you must return the JBL GO as well.
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