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To be a Muziker club member is like flying a business class, like sleeping in the best hotels and eating in the Michelin restaurants.Everywhere You will get the best service and undivided attention of the personell.
To be a Muziker Club member is a privilege of the best. Those who know they can have more than others and know precisely where and when to invest.. This is not a customer loyalty card, this is a stepping stone to the winner steps and to the top of the charts. For you!
Loyalty system of benefits for our customer MUZIKER CLUB

How to become a member

Everyone can become a club member, all you need is to register. Registration could be dealt with on a single page along with creating a customer account or in a simple application on the tablet. After the registration, you'll receive nontransferrable club card and from this moment on you can utilize all the benefits aimed not for anyone, but the club members only. You cannot register membership with backwards validity and membership ceases with deleting of the account or it's suspension from our side.

We reward purchases with points

The point is simple! We reward you for your purchases with points. The amount of points you could get can be seen in the product detail on our page. At first we reserve the points after initial purchase and release them for use after 30 days. If you applied to have extended period for refund for the goods for extra 30 or 60 days, your points will be reserved for further 30 or 60 days respectively. After the purchase in one of our physical stores you can use the points immediately. When making your next purchase in the eshop you can pay for a portion of the whole amount (or the sum for the whole purchase) with poiints

Club points

With every purchase the club members gain points, which can be subsequently exchanged for selected goods from Muziker. They can use them all and not spend any actual money or split them between multiple purchases

3 year warranty

Muziker club members have the option of extended 3-year warranty completely free. At the same time, there is a notable discount on extending the warranty for 4 or 5 years

Return of goods

Only the club members can return the goods without stating a reason within 30 days since the purchase and simultaneously get discounted price for extending this period for 60 or 90 days

Discounts on merch

Club members get discounts on quality Muziker merch, which underwent a distinct changes and now offers a range of lifestyle items and beatiful apparel, T-shirts, bags, vacuum flasks, backpacks, umbrellas and much more

Discount on insurance

Club members get discount on insuring their packages. With insurance you don't have to deal with claims and if the package gets lost or damaged, we will send a new one right away

First to be informed

All the information about the discounts, sales, events and benefits will be shared with the club members 1 day ahead of everyone else. With 24 hour head start you should be able to find the best product for the best price for your hobby.

Become a club member and enjoy every benefit it offers with your next e-shop purchase. If you're still reading this text, you are on of those who are interested, know how to save money and want to spend reasonably. You belong here.

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