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Scott Men's RC Premium Kinetech Midnight Blue/Black L

Jerseys | Product code: 2752696852008 | ID: 389944

Scott Men's RC Premium Kinetech Midnight Blue/Black L


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Scott Men's RC Premium Kinetech Midnight Blue/Black L

The SCOTT RC Premium Kinetech™ Body is the fastest and most comfortable suit for your longest, toughest race days. With its speed-focused patterning and aero optimized fabrics it creates an aerodynamic advantage that can support a race-winning move. Strategically placed dimpled fabrics on the sleeves and smooth fabrics on the front & back combined with DWR LOT 'O' DRY™ technology and its outstanding drying and moisture management properties are the pillars of this product that is made to achieve the best. A unique construction method on the shorts eliminates unnecessary seams. Fewer seams lead to a more uniform hold, less weight and greater comfort. Outstanding progressive gradual compression gives extra muscular support and reduces involuntary muscle vibrations. We have also implemented the LOT 'O' DRY™ finish and an innovative integrated silicone gripper ensuring a firm fit and keeping the short in place.



  • KINETECH™ premium stretch woven fabric with unique DWR LOT 'O' DRY™ finish



  • Main fabric: 74% Polyester 26% Elastane
  • Insert 1: 75% Polyester 25% Elastane
  • Insert 2: 55% Polyamide 44% Elastane



  • Scott TRI Padding
  • Speed focused patterning
  • Reduction of air resistance
  • Smooth aerodynamic fabrics
  • Water-repellent
  • Fast drying proprieties
  • Unnecessary seams removed
  • Gradual compression



  • Machine wash: Normal treatment (max. 30°C)
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dryclean
  • Turn inside out before washing
  • Do not use fabric softener



  • Kinetech™

Kinetech™ is all about the creation of fabrics that help the human body as it strives to achieve best performance in sport at the highest level. It is only from years of research, from physical trials in the field, that you can be in the position to offer athletes a tool that is capable of significantly improving their sporting performance.



At SCOTT Sports we always work together with the most advanced factories to bring the latest fabric technologies into the cycling industries.
We wanted to design and develop products that work with the body instead of against it. We believe in ambition, passion and dedication just as much as we believe in innovation, technology and design.



  • We leveraged extensive aerodynamic expertise to make fastest cycling kit yet.
  • Aerodynamic drag squares proportionally to the increase of speed: if you double the speed from 25 km/h to 50 km/h, the drag quadruples and so does the power required by the athlete to push on the pedals.
  • Drag is the product of the turbulent wake that an athlete creates as he or she attempts to displace air in order to move forward.
  • We have designed and developed Kinetech™ products in a way that will help athletes achieve higher sporting performance due to dimpled fabrics placed strategically helping reduce air resistance.





  • Athletes are in constant search for ergogenic aids that can enhance performance during competition and training to gain an advantage over their competitors.
  • Kinetech™ graded compression fabric is the first fabric from Taiana created with different sections, each with different compression grades.
  • Providing higher muscular support and enhancement of the venous retur
  • Stabilizing muscle suppor
  • Reduction of the involuntary muscle vibration
  • Extremely high wearing comfor
  • Innovative seamless integration of gripper





LOT ‘O’ DRY™ is the product of hard work from a performance-obsessed development team with exceptional hydrophobic characteristics.



Fabrics made using LOT ‘O’ DRY™ technology thus have very limited water absorption even under extreme conditions, while at the same time they are able to breathe with the capacity of untreated fabrics.


  • LOT 'O' DRY™

“LOT” ‘O’ DRY™ technology products are truly superhydrophobic. Fabrics using LOT ‘O’ DRY™ technology have very limited water absorption even under extreme conditions, while at the same time being totally breathable. Every strand of the fabric has been treated to ensure permanent performance.



SCOTT Chamois are engineered with leading Italian manufactures and are known for offering maximum comfort, excellent moisture management and optimized shape to ensure that you are still happy to sit and relax after a long day of riding.



Range of use: Road / Mountain Biking
Suggestion of use: Bike rides over 7h
Construction: 3 foam densities, anatomic shape


The SCOTT ++++ PREMIUM padding is the road product of excellence for extra-long distance rides, representing the latest in terms of chamois technology. The innovative structure featuring a multidirectional curvature offers perfect fit and great stability in saddle, while the special "slide shaped" edges of the central insert make for a smooth transition in correspondence of the inner leg area. Ultra-high-density perineal inserts deliver maximum protection in the road position while proper ischiatic support comes in handy to those riders with a more upright position in saddle. The X-Fifty fabric on top combines the softness of the polyamide with the excellent temperature control and quick drying of the polyester.



Range of use: Road / Mountain Biking
Suggestion of use: Bike rides longer than 6h
Construction: 2 foam densities, anatomic shape


The SCOTT +++ PRO Padding is optimized chamois created in collaboration with Elastic Interface™ to provide the best comfort during road and off-road long-distance rides. With its innovative multidirectional curvature and smooth surface, this chamois delivers improved fit and saddle stability. Protection for long-distance rides is ensured by high density inserts in the perineal and ischiatic area, while the X-Tract fabric and the perforations on the surface allow for reduced moisture and higher air permeability.




Range of use: Road / Mountain Biking
Suggestion of use: Bike rides up to 5h
Construction: 2 foam densities, anatomic shape


The SCOTT ++ PERFORMANCE Padding is the best choice for medium-distance rides. Extremely flat on the surface, its minimalist design allows for close and continuous skin contact while the padding applied from below guarantees the right protection and minimum bulk - perfect for the cyclist that wants to be protected and yet free to move.



Range of use: Road / Mountain Biking
Suggestion of use: Bike rides up to 3h
Construction: Mono density foam, flat shape

The SCOTT + SPORT Padding offers essential protection for mid distances, road and off-road. This chamois has been designed to offer good performance in terms of protection, support and comfort. The lightweight construction, obtained with Full Carving Technology, assures freedom of movement and a good fit. The selected foam and the soft touch upper fabric provide perfect breathability and quick drying.



Range of use: Triathlon
Suggestion of use: Bike rides up to 4h, good for short and long-distance triathlon
Construction: Very high-density perforated foam, flat shape


The SCOTT TRI Padding has a special design developed to provide maximum performance and comfort for multi-sport athletes. The very high-density foam provides maximum protection with a slim profile while the perforation guarantees great breathability and fast drying.

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Midnight Blue/Black

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Elastane, Polyester




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