What you may not know about digital pianos

I am organizing my new apartment.
I have already solved everything about the furniture and the decoration
No dresser or cabinet, table, or aquarium is still needed
But I still lack something, I just do not know what.

I want something modern and functional

How about a piano?
But I do not even know how to play the piano ...
True, I did not have any skiing abilities either - and I have learnt them.

I knew that a piano is in many ways very impractical.
I would not be able to play in the morning, neither too late at night, and would also have to be careful not to annoy the entire neighbourhood.
A piano is also difficult to tune, and I do not know anyone who lives close by who would be able to help me with that.
And then there is the price! Uf.
Suddenly a piano no longer seems such a good idea.

Fortunately, I did not throw it at her head and began to pry a little. If you happen to be in a similar situation, you may find the following lines helpful.

Digital piano - the modern successor of classic pianos

With the advent of new technologies there came a solution that helped breaking down the barriers preventing potential owners to buy a conventional piano.

This solution is called a digital piano

No problems with your neighbours

A digital piano has no strings. The sound comes from a speaker. Professionally recorded sound samples of actual high-quality piano are used. The samples are recorded in a studio in different dynamic layers, later using digital technology to improve the sound. The volume button and the possibility to connect headphones, provide comfort and privacy to the player and silence to the surroundings. When you connect headphones to it, the only sound heard by those around you is a sound comparable to the hitting on a computer keyboard..

Digital pianos do not need tuning

Tuning is only needed on classic pianos, which have strings.
Digital piano have no strings, and therefore are always tuned.

Digital pianos are not heavy

The heaviest component in a classic piano is its mechanical system - the strings and the hammers.
Ordinary upright pianos or grand pianos weight 250 kg or more.
Moving such an instrument demands a lot of effort.
Digital pianos, on the other hand, do not contain these components, their weight is reduced to 40-70 kg.
The digital piano is therefore incomparably easier to handle and move.

A packed digital piano does not exceed the size of a refrigerator.
It can fit easily in any elevator in any apartment building.

modus.jpgThey are not expensive either

Classic pianos are expensive, especially because they are handmade. Processes associated with traditional manual production, the mechanics and materials used, all can significantly affect the final price.
Digital pianos are mass-produced. Their heart, soul and brain are electronic, causing the prices of such instruments to be incomparably lower. A good digital piano is possible to be purchased at a similar price as a TV, or a smartphone.

It does not matter if you don't know how to play. You can learn it.

Nobody's abilities has ever fallen from the sky.
The magic of playing a digital piano, or any other musical instrument, consists precisely in the fact that progressive training and regular exercise can improve a person's abilities. Progress and good results can bring an indescribable feeling of joy. Gradual improvement will not only be appreciated by the player himself, but also by those who surround him. Who would not want to impress others?

It is not only a piano, it is a "one man show"

dp.jpg Many will ask themselves:

- Will I enjoy?
- Won't I get tired of it after a while?

Modern digital pianos are equipped with useful widgets and additional features.
In addition to high-quality piano sound, there are dozens or hundreds of other different sounds in it.
You can press one button to select the sound of an organ, harpsichord, string orchestra, guitar, trumpet or any other instrument.
Also, the digital piano features musical accompaniment - and when you press PLAY-you can play the melody with your right hand and the chords with the left.
The result sounds just like a whole entire band.
Tracks can be recorded into the piano's internal memory and you can connect the piano, via USB, directly to a computer.
Would you like to also connect a microphone and run your own karaoke show?
No problem. Many digital pianos have an input for microphone as well.

Will I have time to play?

Those who like to face life's challenges and don't want to spend their time passively in front of the TV, will easily find time to spend on an interesting and fun hobby. Music heals and uplifts the spirit, improves our memory and concentration, and helps uncovering new dimensions.

05.jpgDigital pianos do not take much room

Conventional digital pianos have a lengh of about 130 cm.
If you look around you, you will surely find a way to move and rearrange your furniture in order to make room for your new piano.
A digital piano is not just a musical instrument. It becomes your best companion.
It's also a stylish piece of furniture that, if chosen in the proper color, will perfectly harmonize with the surroundings and give your place a more interesting character.


A good decision

I already have my digital piano at home.
I chose a color that perfectly matches my furniture.
I spend every day practicing on it, and I am making progress. The only thing I regret is not having started it since childhood.
Try it yourself. Purchase a digital piano.
It's a fun companion and great piece of furniture you won't get tired of easily.
And when I have children, I will lead them to play a digital piano since early childhood.

Do you want to know why?

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