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How to shop at Muziker? Easy as ABC


Standard online order

Anyone who has already placed an order at any e-shop will orientate very quickly. However, if you are new to online shopping, keep reading.

You find the product on the site that you are craving for, have a look at pictures and specifications so you know what you are getting. This will prevent possible bewilderment once you open the box.

Boldly click on the big green "Buy" button that is next to every single product. A new window will open in which you can adjust the amount of items. At the same time, you will see what customers before you have bought along with this product. Very useful. You already have the product in your cart and can decide if that's it for you or whether you want to shop further. In that case, press the "Continue shopping" button and you can get more products. You add them to your shopping cart in the same way.

If you have everything you need, click on the "Continue to Cart" button. You can view your entire purchase at any time by clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top right of the page.

The buying process consists of three simple steps.

1 – Check the contents of your cart and the prices. If the value of your purchase is more than 49 €, you will get a gift from us, which you can choose at the bottom of the same page. Choose the gift of your choice and it will appear in your cart with no price. If you have a discount or competition coupon from us, write its code in the box on the right.

2 – Click on the "Continue ordering" button and choose your payment and delivery method. Choose whatever you wish and continue with your order.

3 – In the final step, give us your address and details so the courier knows where to deliver your package.

Now just click on the last button "Order with payment obligation". After that, your order will reach us and a confirmation email with a small thank you will be sent to you right away.