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Why Muziker is the best store for you

A biker, golfer, skier, musician, cyclist, fisherman and a yachtman meet, and the biker says, "Hello colleagues, welcome to today's meeting in Muzikeri."

It starts out as a good joke, but it is only the beginning of an ordinary day in our office. Your free time is extremely important to us, so we will not just talk about it, because we would waste your time . And we don't want that. Let us concentrate only on the essentials.

Why is Muziker the best choice?

Well, because we understand what we do. Mostly :) Since 1995, only active musicians have worked here and all meetings began with talks about concerts and parties, new instruments and effects, who bought what and exchanged for what. We are interested in all the news and we enjoy what we do. Therefore, we can advise you on the best thing for you needs. We do not want to trick you into buying the most expensive product, we will rather offer you something you need and will use continuously. Simply because we want everyone to come back to us with confidence. As this approach proved successful, we gradually expanded into other EU countries and also opened physical stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can find them in your favorite shopping center, where you can get a feel for everything.

Fun fact:

Did you know that tactile perception is the bodily sense that one can remember the longest? Even longer than taste, smell, sight and hearing.

But to the point.

The world is colourful in every way and so the musicians have more hobbies too. We therefore expanded our offer of musical instruments to other leisure and sports activities. So we took in enthusiasts of other hobbies we share - skiers and golfers, yachtsmen and bikers, etc. Because only an expert can really advise a beginner, and only a pro can equally talk to a pro. Logically.

We have a huge amount of goods in stock, because today everyone wants everything and they want it now. We are like that too, so we understand exactly. Don‘t worry.

We have our own service centre with real engineers who can disassemble, repair and assemble anything without leaving any extra parts. They are serious experts and we have respect for them. Actually, we're a little scared.

We like to include gifts with the packages, we have extra super prices for goods, transport prices are low, mostly completely free. We also have our own loyalty club, where you earn points for purchases and then you exchange them with us for real goods. Well, a complete spiral.

We always have some sales and discounts. They noticed us up there and awarded us with great certificates and medals, including the „winner of the best e-shop“ a few times in a row, but fame did not get to our heads, so it‘s all cool.

Well, enough about us, let's talk about you. Tell us how you spend your free time and what makes you happy. Show us how you can play.

It´s Time to PLAY.