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10 must have accessories for every cyclist

5 min. read
Pavlína Straková
Whether you are just beginning to ride a bicycle or you've already ridden hundreds of miles, it's always good to know what accessories you should invest in to make your ride comfortable and safe. Have a look at the 10 must have basic bike accessories.
10 must have accessories for every cyclist

1. Bike helmet

Wearing a bike helmet for adult cyclists is about their personal responsibility. Therefore no one should think twice about adding it to their gear. Read a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right helmet.

2. Lights

To see and to be seen is an elementary rule that applies to not only every road traffic participant, but also in general. While wheel reflectors ensure that we are seen, our ability to see is solely our responsibility.

Selection of bike lights is really vast and you can choose what you prefer. At the front of bike you need to have white light and at rear a red one. For an evening ride through well-lit city you can use less bright lights than in a dense forest.

The key factor is the technology used, number of LEDs and the light intensity given in lumens. Basic light sets use batteries, better ones are charged via USB - the battery capacity is also reflected in the price. We'll advise you on how to choose proper lights for your bike.

Man on a bike shining a light at night with white a front light, a rear red light and a headlamp.

3. Bike tire repair kit, air pump and multitool

Nothing ruins a trip more than a technical difficulty that won't let you finish your ride. In most cases, it's because of a puncture, so bike tire repair kit together with levers and an air pump is simply a must have.

The repair will be even faster if you pack a spare tube.

The times of air pumps as long as the top frame tube are long gone. Today's air pumps easily fit in a bike jersey's pocket. A good example of a compact and reliable air pump is a minipump Mini Lite from Lezyne.

Don't forget to pack also a multitool - it comes with different sets, from basic to extended ones with many bits and a chain rivet tool.

If you're riding steep ascends, Lezyne Rap can come in handy, but in that case don't forget to bring chain quick links too. Sometimes, less is more, so choose the multitool that features only what you really need.

Tools and multitool in foreground

4. Bags, carriers and basket

For an easy transport of your belongings, you have several types of bike bags to choose from. Small seat bags are the best emergency solution. In the bag Combipack from BBB you'll find everything you need.

If you need to carry a larger cargo, whether you're going for a multi-day bike trip or you're transporting working tools, a carrier and carrier bags can serve just fine. They offer enough space and you won't have to carry everything on your back.

The most suitable option for carrying groceries on an urban bike is a basket that you can also carry around in your hand.

Woman riding a bike with basket at the front

5. Water

Always remember to keep hydrated, especially while riding a bike. Even if you're planning a short trip nearby, you should always prepare for unexpected emergencies.

Carrying a bottle of water is always a good idea. Choose a proper bottle cage based on the frame type and desired volume of the bottle.

For longer trips, you won't regret investing in a backpack with a built-in hydration pack - camelbag. You won't only get storage space, but also enough volume of water that is easily accessible via tube.

TIP: Go for a hydration pack with larger volume than you think you need - you don't have to fill it to the top all the time, but having the extra volume at your disposal can come in handy.

Woman drinking water through a tube from hydration pack

6. Nutrition

Beside water, it's always good to have an emergency snack - from a basic granola bar to dietary supplements.

Anything that satisfies your great hunger will help you get home more easily. The harder the terrain and trails you're riding, the more attention you need to pay to the food you're taking with you.

You'll top up your energy with bars or gels with high volume of carbs, the ones with proteins will help you regenerate after riding.

7. Electronics

Even though not everyone is a fan of modern technologies, it's good to have at least elementary cycling computer (e.g. Longus AX-1). It features a speedometer, a trip meter, an odometer and route length information. These data are useful also for keeping up with regular service checks.

If you want to get more in-depth analysis of your performance, you should invest in a bike computer that support GPS navigation and pairing with other devices via Bluetooth, e.g. Lezyne Super Pro.

Some of the computer's features can be replaced by your smartphone, in that case you need a phone mount for bicycles. Be aware that a smartphone is not as resistant to vibrations, so it isn't the best solution for rougher terrains. Interesting choice is a set SKS Compit+ that also features a powerbank.

If you want to share your cycling videos with friends, you can gear up with a high-quality action camera, together with a protective case that you can mount on a helmet or the bicycle itself and record unique shots from your point of view.

Cycling computer

8. Bike bell

While riding in a city or on busy bike routes, a bike bell is your friend in need. It's a piece of bike equipment that let's everyone clearly know that you're coming closer.

However, it can also be useful in a silent forest as a warning for boars and wandering bears.

The offer is huge and you can choose according to your style. Will you choose a discreet Knog OI with perfect sound, a Riten Bell by Crane Bell with timeless design or will you show off your personality with anElectra?

9. Bike lock

The last thing you want is to find out that someone has stolen your bike. You shouldn't underestimate a solid bike lock. Rope-like locks offer little protection and are easy to cut.

Instead, look for chain locks, such as Abus Iven Chain, or U-shaped locks, like Abus Granit Plus. Among the best locks are the ones made of steel plates with specials cut-resistant bolts Abus SmartX.

Bike lock

10. Fenders

Although biker covered in mud after riding in harsh terrain can look cool, we definitely recommend to consider fenders.

If you want to keep your bike as light as possible, there are ultra light minimalistic versions to choose from. These can protect the most sensitive bike parts, e.g. stanchions of a suspended fork which are expensive to service.

However, the larger the portion of wheel covered by fender, the greater the protection provided for you and your clothes. Dirt from road and mud are really hard to wash off - and poorly washed mud stains on bike clothes are definitely not looking good.

Vintage style retro bike with fenders, basket and flowers.

Think of practicality and your style

There are plenty of useful accessories that can be added on your bike. Choose them according to your style. If you're into vintage bikes, don't hesitate to add traditional accessories on your bike. Or opt for accessories for real professionals. It's up to you - do you know what you will choose?

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