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Statutory Right of Withdrawal


You can withdraw from the contract, i.e. return the goods without listing a reason, within 14 days. The withdrawal period shall end fourteen days after the day on which the goods were taken over by you in person or by a person authorized by you. The right to withdraw from the contract applies only to purchases made in the e-shop of Muziker, a.s. and does not apply to purchases in our network of brick-and-mortar stores.
It is even easier for customers who were logged in to their account when placing the order. You sign in with your name and password, enter a request to withdraw from the contract in the Withdrawals section and fill in only a few data. Everything else will be pre-filled.

I want to withdraw from the contract and return the product

Members of the Muziker Smile loyalty program are entitled to an extended withdrawal period.
By law, the right of withdrawal from the contract can be exercised within 14 days. However, for customers who are members of the Muziker Smile loyalty program, this period is extended, up to 30 days.
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Who bears the cost of shipping returned goods?
Returning the goods back to our warehouse is entirely your responsibility. This also applies to the costs involved.